Tuesday, June 28, 2011

(Semester 2) Lesson 1: Overarching factors affecting the elderly in Singapore.

Essential Question:
What are the key overarching factors that affects the quality of life of the elderly here in Singapore?

As an individual work, you are to work on coming out with a mindmap that covers the various factors that may answer the EQ above. Do explain in a single sentence or more, each of the points that you are highlighting. Produce AT LEAST a MINIMUM of 8 points.

Capture this mindmap as a photo and upload this into the Facebook page below, which would be used for our lessons this Semester.

The link for the Facebook page is:

(Semester 2) Lesson 0: Expectations

Here are some details regarding The Elderly Challenge:
  • The project is supposed to be done as an individual project, instead of paired or group work.
  • 3 key deliverables that are expected from each of you are:
    • An individual design journal (you can use Pages instead of Google Docs)
    • Google SketchUp model of your proposed solution/s to your challenge/s
    • Two Multimedia Presentation (MMP) that best captures your resolution to your intended challenges.
  •  The intended deadlines for all of the above deliverables are by Term 4 Week 4. However there would be occasions when intermediate submissions would need to be made.
  • For the first MMP, the proposed submission date would be in Term 3, Week 6
  • The two MMP's must show coherence in communicating the proposed solution/s to the intended challenge/s.