Monday, January 31, 2011

Week 5: Group task for the day...

Essential Questions on 'Energy Conservation' for today:
  • Why is 'Energy Conservation' important in this day and age?
  • How can you and your team adopt workable solutions for this theme and communicate them effectively?
As a team and using the above as a guide, work on coming out with more questions that you think your team would need to work on in uncovering an even deeper understanding of the theme on 'Energy Conservation'

Group Work (30 mins):
The following exercises are to be done in your Group Journal:

Activity 1: 
Based on the Graphic Organizers and Mindmaps that your team members have produced individually in the previous lessons, choose 8-10 questions that your team would like to shortlist for further consideration

Activity 2:
From the list of these 8 to 10 questions, select (and modify) THREE questions as your team's ESSENTIAL QUESTIONS (EQ's), and the questions that your team would like to uncover in your project. Please indicate the modified EQ's into your team's journals.

Activity 3:
From Activity 2, rank and select these 3 questions, in order of importance, so that you and your team can work out in greater detail the question/s that you are trying to uncover in your projects.

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Energy Conservation video...Messaging for Kids

Watch the following video clip and answer the questions that follow in a separate blog post in your personal ADMT blog. Put the URL of your blog posts into the 'Comments' section of this post:

  1. Who do you think are the target audience of this clip?
  2. What do you think are the main key messages that the clip is trying to communicate?
  3. Do you think the clip is effective? Why or why not?
  4. How do you think the messaging/clip could be further improved?

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Energy Conservation video...

Watch the following clip and answer the following questions in your personal ADMT blog post. Put the URL of your blog post into the 'Comments' section of this post:

  1. What do you think are some of the limitations of using renewable energy resources, based on the clip that you have seen?
  2. What are some possible solutions that the video have suggested?
  3. How do you think Energy Conservation messages can be communicated effectively in the school or local context? Give or suggest some examples.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Week 4: Group work on 'Environment'

In your teams of between 4 to 5 members, do the following first:
  • Select a team leader. The leader would create a new Google doc document and share them with the rest of the team members, as well as to me. This would be the team's DESIGN JOURNAL for Semester 1. Please name the file as: ADMT_DesignJournal_108_GroupX
  • The rest of the team members would adopt the following roles:
    • Team Leader: Job is to ensure that the entire team is on task with the given work allocated to the team.
    • Journal Recorder 1: Job is to ensure that the works done in the design journal is updated and meet the deadlines and standards set.
    • Journal Recorder 2 and Assistant Team Leader: Job is to ensure that all the photographs and sources of information are attributed correctly. He or she is also to ensure that the research information is organised correctly.
    • Media Developer 1: Job is to look for ideas and work on developing any sort of media works, whether be it in the forms of sketches, photographs, music clips, etc, for the design journal
    • Media Developer 2 (if the team has 5 members): Job is to support and work on additional media works, should there be a need to

Individual task for the day...

Individual work (15 mins):
Work on uncovering your basic understanding of 'Energy Conservation' by mindmapping your answers to the following questions on Mind Node, or any other mindmapping software.
  • What do you mean by 'Energy Conservation'?
  • Why is 'Energy Conservation' important?
  • Who do you think is responsible for it?
  • Where do you think are the possible areas for one to adopt 'Energy Conservation' practices?
  • When would it be a good time for one to adopt 'Energy Conservation' practices?
  • How can one understand more on 'Energy Conservation' practices?
Once you have completed the mindmap, export it as a graphic file and place it into your personal ADMT blogs as a blog post, with the title: 'Initial view on Energy Conservation'.

Input your URL to the blog post in the 'Comments' section of this blog post.

The Challenge-Based Learning (CBL) Framework

The diagram below shows the CBL framework that would be adopted as we move forward in tackling 'The Environmental Challenge: Energy Conservation' in Semester 1.

Framework on CBL

Introduction to Challenge-Based Learning (CBL)

Here's an introductory clip to CBL...

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

SketchWorks 5: 3 objects from a cube

The following objects are sketched out from the shape of a cube. You are to sketch out a minimum of 2 times for each of them in  your sketch books.

3 objects from a cube

Friday, January 14, 2011

Crating (Cubing) methods

A sketching method that uses guiding lines from a cube/cuboid to form other shapes and forms. The picture below is a good example of the derived shapes that could be formed from the crating or cubing method:

Crating Method

Week 3: SketchWorks 4

SketchWorks 4:
Title: 12 shapes
Sketch out the 12 boxes shown below, by applying the crating methods, which would be shown in class. You are allowed to draw out these shapes on MORE than one page.

12 shapes

Week 3: SketchWorks 1 to 3

From the activities that you have done in previous lessons, you would have realised the importance of sketching as a skill-set that you would need in ADMT. There would be a few sketching exercises this week, and I hope you would learn and enjoy the activities that have been planned.

SketchWorks 1:
Title: Pre-Sketching...
Pre-activity and explanation on the tools, equipments and physical practise required and necessary to sketch comfortably.

SketchWorks 2:
Title: Points and Parallel Lines...
Drawing of parallel lines of various lengths and thicknesses

SketchWorks 3:
Title: Isometric Boxes
Drawing of Isometric Boxes

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Your first task...

Your first task for the subject is to create a personal ADMT blog that would be used to key in your work, as well as your works of Art and Media for the entire duration of 2 years that you would be doing ADMT. Some guidelines that you might want to consider:
  • Make your ADMT blog URL as generic as you can, so that it can still be used by you in Year 2
  • Ensure that the template that you use is also decent and easy to manage and maintain. It is no point having a nice template, but in the end you have to spend time coding and doing other non-essential items just to make your blog look 'nice'
  • Try to avoid superfluous items on your blog. Aim for simplicity and a clean look. This would help in telling your users, including myself, the essential things that you would want to present on your blogs
  • Last but not least, always make it a point to 'maintain' and update your blogs at least once a week. This would help to keep out spammers, as well as help you to discipline yourself to maintain a virtual presence that you can be proud of
Please remember to 'Follow' the blog, so that the whole class would be able to know who are the members of this blog. And don't forget to input the URL of your ADMT blog in the 'Comments' section of this blog post too...just in case.

    T1W2: Welcome...

    Firstly a great welcome to SST, to the class of 1-08 of 2011, and here's welcoming you too to the world of Art, Design, Media and Technology (ADMT). I hope that you would have as much fun and are excited about uncovering ADMT, as I have teaching you. Here's hoping that the programs that I have lined up for you ahead this year, would be something that would enable you to develop and grow as a person, not only in the areas of ADMT, but also as a person in general. And here we go...

    Mr Irfan Darian
    ADMT teacher for Class 1-08 (2011)