Monday, January 31, 2011

Week 5: Group task for the day...

Essential Questions on 'Energy Conservation' for today:
  • Why is 'Energy Conservation' important in this day and age?
  • How can you and your team adopt workable solutions for this theme and communicate them effectively?
As a team and using the above as a guide, work on coming out with more questions that you think your team would need to work on in uncovering an even deeper understanding of the theme on 'Energy Conservation'

Group Work (30 mins):
The following exercises are to be done in your Group Journal:

Activity 1: 
Based on the Graphic Organizers and Mindmaps that your team members have produced individually in the previous lessons, choose 8-10 questions that your team would like to shortlist for further consideration

Activity 2:
From the list of these 8 to 10 questions, select (and modify) THREE questions as your team's ESSENTIAL QUESTIONS (EQ's), and the questions that your team would like to uncover in your project. Please indicate the modified EQ's into your team's journals.

Activity 3:
From Activity 2, rank and select these 3 questions, in order of importance, so that you and your team can work out in greater detail the question/s that you are trying to uncover in your projects.

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