Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Week 4: Group work on 'Environment'

In your teams of between 4 to 5 members, do the following first:
  • Select a team leader. The leader would create a new Google doc document and share them with the rest of the team members, as well as to me. This would be the team's DESIGN JOURNAL for Semester 1. Please name the file as: ADMT_DesignJournal_108_GroupX
  • The rest of the team members would adopt the following roles:
    • Team Leader: Job is to ensure that the entire team is on task with the given work allocated to the team.
    • Journal Recorder 1: Job is to ensure that the works done in the design journal is updated and meet the deadlines and standards set.
    • Journal Recorder 2 and Assistant Team Leader: Job is to ensure that all the photographs and sources of information are attributed correctly. He or she is also to ensure that the research information is organised correctly.
    • Media Developer 1: Job is to look for ideas and work on developing any sort of media works, whether be it in the forms of sketches, photographs, music clips, etc, for the design journal
    • Media Developer 2 (if the team has 5 members): Job is to support and work on additional media works, should there be a need to

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