Friday, May 20, 2011

Initial Review of the first reading on 'The Elderly Challenge'

  1. What do you think are some of the KEY challenges of a greying Singapore?
  2. What are some policies that have been implemented, or that are going to be implemented, that would help to mitigate these challenges?
  3. How do you think some of these challenges can be researched on further? Identify THREE of these challenges with your team mates and identify possible Essential Questions to these challenges

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Follow-up details from the animation programme

Here are follow-up details from the Anination Programme that we are having:

Template for Group Journals:
The link below is the downloadable template that you would need to use for your group journals. Please organise them as such.

Submission methods and deadline:
Your team would need to submit the following 3 items for submission:
  • The Animation Clips
  • The Group Journals
  • The Storyboards/Paper Cut-outs
For the first 2, please submit them, with the correct file-naming conventions, into the SUBMIT folder. Alternatively, you can also pass the files to me personally. The Storyboards and Paper-Cut-outs have to be submitted to me personally too.

The deadline for the above 3 items are on Wednesday, 18th May, by 5:00 pm.