Thursday, May 5, 2011

Follow-up details from the animation programme

Here are follow-up details from the Anination Programme that we are having:

Template for Group Journals:
The link below is the downloadable template that you would need to use for your group journals. Please organise them as such.

Submission methods and deadline:
Your team would need to submit the following 3 items for submission:
  • The Animation Clips
  • The Group Journals
  • The Storyboards/Paper Cut-outs
For the first 2, please submit them, with the correct file-naming conventions, into the SUBMIT folder. Alternatively, you can also pass the files to me personally. The Storyboards and Paper-Cut-outs have to be submitted to me personally too.

The deadline for the above 3 items are on Wednesday, 18th May, by 5:00 pm.

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