Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Environmental Challenge: Developing Essential & Guiding Questions

As a team, continue working on your Environment Journal to complete the following tasks:
  1. List about 3 or more questions that your team have deemed to be important that needs to be uncovered, based on your previous works on your concepts maps and research
  2. Rank these questions, and identify the ONE Essential Question that your team would like to highlight as a good challenge to uncover in your research. The notes at the bottom of this blog post are some guides to what is defined as an Essential Question (EQ).
  3. From the selected EQ, work on developing a few (3 to 6) Guiding Questions (GQ) that would help you in your research further.
I would explain further on the work required in class later.

Notes on EQ:
A question is essential when it: 
  1. causes genuine and relevant inquiry into the big ideas and core content;
  2. provokes deep thought, lively discussion, sustained inquiry, and new understanding as well as more questions;
  3. requires students to consider alternatives, weigh evidence, support their ideas, and justify their answers;
  4. stimulates vital, on-going rethinking of big ideas, assumptions, and prior lessons;
  5. sparks meaningful connections with prior learning and personal experiences;
  6. naturally recurs, creating opportunities for transfer to other situations and subjects.

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